Celebrate! is a newly developed movement designed to acknowledge commonalities from culture to culture and how celebration and traditions play a major role across the globe in the daily lives of all no matter where they are from. Celebrate! is a fun and educational tool that can be used to break the barrier between races in our local communities, from state to state, country to country so we can all coexist more easily with our neighbors and each other.



A Reality Television Show

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Catholic Charities of Maine Refugee Resettlement Program

Every year millions of people around the world are displaced because of war, famine, and civilor political unrest. The United States works with the United Nations to provide resettlement opportunities in the United States. Since 1975, Catholic Charities Maine Refugee and Immigration Services has been the primary provider of resettlement services to refugees in Maine. Catholic Charities Maine resettles refugees of all races, religions and ethnicities. Refugee and Immigration Services provides comprehensive resettlement services to refugees from various regions of the world during their period of adaptation to a new environment, leading them to greater self-sufficiency. Our services address problems specific to individual/family refugees such as linguistic and cultural barriers, housing, financial assistance, interpretation and mediation services, transportation, orientation and case management.







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